Arkham Horror Living Card Game

This game is one of my favorites, the best Living Card Game I own. While it shares similarities with the Lord of the Rings LCG, this theme doesn’t attract me as much. However, I believe they have greatly improved the mechanics in this game compared to its predecessor. The ability to enhance the deck throughout the campaign has added a new dimension to Arkham Horror LCG that few games possess. This, coupled with the fact that you can explore different paths and make it highly replayable, makes it truly special.

For this very reason, I decided to play it solo, something I had never done with a board game, and I really enjoyed it. Shortly after, I started a campaign with a group of friends, and I encountered a problem in terms of keeping track of my decks and the decks of the other players while simultaneously managing both the solo campaign and the group campaign. I started jotting down the cards I had in my deck on a piece of paper so that when I wanted to play solo, I would gather the necessary cards, assemble the deck, and then return the cards to the campaign decks with my friends after the session. This led me to come up with a printable template to record changes in the deck and to easily assemble and disassemble decks when playing multiple concurrent campaigns. Here, I’m sharing the printable PDF files so that you can simply download and print them.

How the template works:

The template is designed to keep track of 4 decks simultaneously. I have trimmed it so that each player can keep a record of their own deck. In each deck, the player’s name and the character they are playing are noted. The number of each card in the initial deck is recorded (if multiple copies are used, the number is repeated). In the other section, new cards obtained through experience gained during the campaign are added, and removed cards are crossed out (I note the experience spent alongside the card number). Lastly, there is an area to record special cards, such as weakness cards, campaign-specific items, or characters.

Template for recording 4 decks for the base game.

Template for recording 4 decks for the base game with the Dunwich Legacy expansion.

3D printable STD file to organize cards on core box.