Partida a Hero Realms

Hero Realms: The Ruin of Thandar

Ready-to-print 3D models in STL format. The file includes the model for the box to store the Lich boss cards and the model to store the cards from the 5 Hero Realms hero packs.

The other day, a group of friends gathered and we ended up playing this game that I had prepared a few months ago. I vaguely remembered the rules, and as is usually the case, we kept referring to the rulebook as many questions arose.

Later that evening, after playing the game, I reviewed the rulebook and created this summary as a helpful guide. I imagine that if we play the game again, I’ll need to update it to make it even better, but for now, here it is.

I believe that the entire campaign of this game can be played in one gaming session. It’s a kind of interactive story with Deck Building mechanics and a medieval fantasy theme. I hope to be able to play it again soon because from what I’ve seen, it offers a variety of enemies and paths.

I look forward to enjoying the adventure more in the next session and not having to rely on the rulebook as much with this summary.